YULI Panacea Elixir First Impressions


Confession: I never believed in toners for skincare. Anyone who reads this blog can see I am obsessed with masks which are very big in the Asian culture. Toners are something different. I do not wear much makeup and I never thought a toner was a step I needed. But then I read Seed to Serum’s blog where she raves about the Yuli Panacea Elixir and buys them bottles at a time . Then I saw an article written on No More Dirty Looks about Natural Toners You Might Want To Try and I was amazed at how many people in the comments also loved Yuli elixirs. Through conversation with Megan of Seed to Serum blog, I decided to get a sample of the Panacea Elixir.

Panacea means “cure all” and that is exactly what this does, it balances combination skin, decongests and clarifies blemish prone skin, and hydrates using chiral Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Lavender, Watercress, Rose, Rosemary and a host of other pure ingredients. YULI is truly revolutionary with how they formulate their products which are both pure and without chemical laden synthetics but also different and advanced. It is no wonder other companies, even larger ones who have been around longer are taking their ‘cues’ from this niche brand.


I’ve only used it twice, counting this morning and so far I love it. It is very gentle but immediately you can tell there is something that makes your skin really feel good. When you think of an elixir, you think of a magical tonic and this is nothing short of that. It felt like a product that I didn’t realize I needed to make my skin look and feel so much better. My skin is instantly refreshed and I can tell that it boosts hydration. My skin also seems to look more refined especially larger pores which seem to be shrinking. The scent is very light, but you can smell that this is very fresh and made from natural ingredients. I will review this again after I finish this and get the full size.


15 thoughts on “YULI Panacea Elixir First Impressions

  1. I use their Metamorphic Elixir and it has solved multiple issues. Truly amazing line. When you say larger companies are taking cues from them, that is something I have noticed too. It is annoying when green companies copy, eyes on your own papers!

    • Can you & Coco give me some examples of these companies who are “taking cues” from Yuli? You can’t put this out there and not back it up ladies.

      • Gladly Rachel, Soapwalla’s new mists essentially are a pared down version of YULIs. Notice how they use the main hydrosols even the colloidal silver in YULI’s but not the more expensive/rare & complex ingredients. They’re just a cheap knockoff. Lost all respect.

      • Hello Rachel, I didn’t mean to sound like I was putting out wild unsubstantiated accusations. I can see now how it might seem that way and I apologize for that. I do see a few companies taking ideas from Yuli. For instance, La Bella Figura’s just released antioxidant oil definitely seems to take ideas from Yuli’s antioxidant serum in that they also incorporate plant seed oils and co2 extracts which they have never used before. I don’t mean this in a bad way, I think it is okay for companies to take ideas from one another. My point with writing that is that Yuli is obviously doing something right since larger companies are looking to them for ideas.

  2. Bah! I don’t like that at all! I just checked the ingredients list for both companies mentioned and you’re right. I think it is funny that LBF’s tagline on their twitter is “Innovative Beauty Alchemists” when they’re copying other peoples ideas, by the way, did that remind anyone else of Modern Alchemist? LOL!

  3. I have used Panacea for a long time. I just saw the Soapwalla mists and it is just too blatant, they happen to have exactly 3 mists that are directly similar to the 3 elixirs Yuli has and the ingredients are like.. replicas of theirs without the nicer ingredients like you said, even the order is the same!! I mean come on guys! Be original here. Not going to support them anymore.

  4. I have never had so many comments. I did not mean to start something bigger. I think YULI has a wonderful elixir. I just checked out Soapwalla’s mists and while there are similarities, I believe the YULI elixirs are definitely more complex in nature. In the end, we all have more choices, Soapwalla’s is less frills and also costs less, while YULI’s is more advanced and you pay for better ingredients.

    • I don’t think they necessarily copied. It seems they just took the first three ingredients and called it a day, marked up the price higher considering you get less of the good things.

  5. Yuli elixirs! I am at the verge to buy these elixirs but shipping to australia is $25. Might as well wait until my facial oil and mask are finished (which they almost are) and I would love to replace them with Yuli!

    Is that the ‘trial’ size of the Panacea Elixir? It looks really small in comparison to the trial size I had in mind, how many ml is that?

    • Yes this is the trial! If I had known that I liked the product, I would definitely have bought the full size but I just never believed in ‘toners’ before so I wanted to see if this was worth it first.

    • That is the trial size and it is 5ml I believe. Very, very small. Much smaller than I thought it would be. I ran out within a week. And then got the full size…

    • I know I’m late on this but I SO want to try this toner. I emailed the company about the trail size and they said it was 10ml. I think I’m just going to bite the bullet and get the full size!

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