Josie Maran Argan Oil



I remember when Josie Maran’s Argan Oil debuted at Sephora. At that time, I had heard of Argan Oil in some magazines but didn’t really have an interest in any oils. The landscape was very different back then and convincing people to put oil on their face was akin to telling someone they should drink less water – you just didn’t do it! Although now we have all types of oils, to me, Argan oil is where it began. 

Josie Maran’s Argan Oil is the core product in her line of Argan Oil beauty products. Although the rest of her products might not be the greenest, her argan oil is very much a top tier natural beauty product. Argan Oil isn’t hard to come by these days, they are available at most stores that have a natural section and so many lines have created their own argan products ranging from your luxury Kahina offerings to your budget Acure line and everything in between. But to me, Josie made the Argan oil popular and it sparked everything that came after.



Most of us are familiar with argan oil but that doesn’t mean a well made one isn’t worth talking about! Josie Maran’s Argan Oil has the faintest of scent along the fruit-nut family. Most Argan Oils smell very faint and the scent fades quickly so it barely matters, but there are some such as Acure Organics that I just do not like. 

The color is a light, pale yellow, just the faintest yellow tinge on an otherwise clear oil. I am crazy for this hue because it looks so luxurious. The oil melts into my skin leaving behind no shine or slip, just well moisturized skin. Some argan oil can feel too ‘light’ or too ‘heavy’, so I’m pleased to discover that this one is balanced just right. 

Using this was like a return to basics, before everything was sup’d up. And it is no wonder the craze for oils continues, what a great start we were treated to with such a straight forward, simple Argan oil that did everything just right.



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