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How long has it been that I last updated this blog? I have graduated and started working which is most of my life. The natural world is changing, more and more brands seem to be introduced everyday and my habits are different too.


It looks like many green beauty sites have kind of went away:

  • Embody Boutique was one I shopped at often with 20% and sometimes even 30% codes. I have not seen social media updates in months.
  • Spirit Beauty Lounge was the cream of the crop of the online shops but seem to be out of business now.

But there are also a lot of positive changes:

  • The Detox Market carries so many brands and if you live in LA like me, has a charming store that I go to when sampling teas and health supplements.
  • Credo Beauty is launching as the Sephora of the green beauty world with stores in San Francisco and New York (come to LA!). They even have a Tata Harper spa at the San Francisco location.
  • CAP Beauty is one of my favorite when it comes to health foods and their store in New York is where I would wish to work everyday!

I love that green is now moving from a tiny community on No More Dirty Looks into one that is physically spreading in the biggest cities and beyond.

For me, the new brands and products have meant more trial and error. There have been ones that have stuck and ones quickly discarded. This summer I will hopefully be able to provide more updates. My next one will be on the Antipodes Day Cream!



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