I’m so excited to be participating in the Liebster Awards! Jade from Nepriticus graciously nominated me along with other really wonderful beauty bloggers. If you haven’t read Jade’s post, it’s fantastic. Not only is she a true green beauty but I have learned about many lines from her as well and if you are not following her on twitter (@nephriblog) you are losing out!

The Questions

1. What is your nighttime skincare routine?Yuli May Lindstrom Clinique

Night time is my favorite time to experiment with potions. There are always things I am trying but I will stick to regulars. When I shower, I am using the Yuli Halcyon cleanser which is so light and gentle but really makes my skin feel clean and removed from the day. The gel smells refreshing and gently foams into skin leaving my skin very soothed. I have also gotten May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud and been using it kind of as a mask pre-cleansing for long days, as with all things May, it is fun to experiment with the cleanser/mask before showering because it is hard to keep water out if you bring it into shower. I’ll do a full review on these two products soon.I also have a Clarisonic that I use some days with Yuli Halcyon. I have the gentle delicate brush head because I like to have to stimulate circulation and do not use so much to exfoliate.After shower I use toner immediately. I used to not do toning because I thought it was superfluous or as some mention mostly aromatherapy. I experimented with toners from many lines and ended up addicted to the Yuli Cocoon Elixir. I remember after skiing at Lake Tahoe and my skin was red, and I sprayed this afterward and took a nap, I woke up and my skin was bright with no redness.

I do a serum (or two). Mainly antiage and pigmentation serums for me right now so I use a retinol my dermatologist prescribed, Yuli Cell Perfecto, and Clinique Dark Spot Corrector. For anyone looking for a supercharged serum to fade acne scars just try a retinol + Cell Perfecto, it is no joke.Isun Antipodes
I am currently using a face oil as moisturizer from a line called Isun. It goes on pretty thick and smells nice so I only need a little. I haven’t seen benefits that I do not get from other oils but this is still quite nice. If I need more, I use the Antipodes light facial day cream which can be used at night. It’s very light and smells like vanilla.

After I now take care of my body too because my arms and legs became dry so I used the Yuli Harmony. I know… another Yuli product, but they’re all so good and trust me, for me to spend that amount of money it has to be worth it and they are. Admittedly unlike the cleanser and toner which I have compared to other brands before purchasing full sizes, their body oil is the first body oil I have used. I just couldn’t pass up the technology they used. Normal body oils make me feel like why am I spending this much for oil for my body but I loved their herbal infusion (triple infusions!), flower complex, gemstone treatment, and a lot more, just go to their site. At $80, I just felt like it was too tempting to pass up and I’m glad I purchased it because my skin has never been smoother or softer.

2. What do you do to relax or unwind from stress?

Stress is one of those things that gives me stress because it is so intangible (?). I find it’s habits I have to commit to in order to minimize stress like turning off my computer and phone by 9 PM, forcing myself to watch mindless television shows (Hello Bravo and E!), going outside every morning to just breathe in the fresh air for 2 minutes in silence.

3. How did you get into green beauty?

I got into green beauty through food first because there are a lot of chemicals and unsavory processing in the foods we consume. I volunteered at a hospital during the weekends and I noticed a disproportionate number of regular sick patients had very similar lifestyles which included unbalanced diets, poor physical fitness and the third surprised me – cosmetics! A lot of the women I met with stage 1/2 cancer and hormonal problems had a specific fondness for their products, and it played a large part in their normal lives. Later I learned that 60%-80% of the chemicals in cosmetics were found to be linked to cancer. It traced back something my mother always said off the cuff whenever we would walk into Sephora, “Being in this environment every day can’t be good for your body” and that is when everything made sense to me regarding the switch to green beauty. Like most people, I started with the green washed stuff first like Origins and then discovered Whole Foods and Spirit Beauty Lounge which are the two main places my skincare comes from today (also love Embody Beauty and Shen Beauty).

At first it was hard to justify the price tag for many green beauty items, especially if you love Spirit Beauty like I do but the quality of the products are undeniable and I’d rather pay more for something that works really well than for something that isn’t as good and poor for my health. Now I love the luxurious green lines and have found that sticking to investing in those “must have” products rather than indulging in many products will make it more affordable and I’m able to have what I think are the best products money can buy.

4. A recent good read? If not a read, a recent good TV show or movie?

I am trying to get through the Three Kingdoms series, which is the only casual read I have time to enjoy. I really like recording TV shows and watching it all at the end, like a DVD box set. Right now I’m getting through Girls which I don’t always like but I like that it doesn’t try to make New York look like it is a party all the time. I am trying to get into Downton Abbey, but I have not been able to!

5. You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life. What is it?

Sushi! This is a cheat answer because there are so many options for rolls that you can have everything! My roommates used to vote for where we should have dinner and they never needed my vote but I always wanted to go to one of the sushi places near us, even if we just went  few days ago, that is how much I like it!

6. What is your favorite face oil?
Yuli Modern Alchemist

This is the toughest question on here! How do you pick just one especially when part of the beauty of face oils is that there are so many and they’re all so unique and interesting? I think the one ‘gem’ I’ve discovered is Yuli Modern Alchemist. It isn’t a pure face oil made from plant oils because they also put other ingredients in there like Coq10 and Tamarind seed extract. The reason I like it is because the smell and texture reminds me of May Lindstrom’s beautiful Youth Dew but there are a lot more ingredients like a essential fatty acid complex and anti aging retinols and the price tag is actually less than the Youth Dew. Another thing I like about this serum and the brand is that they exclude a lot of ingredients that cause issues even if they are natural – WINNING! My skin is really really taken care of with this serum, I am smitten with the results.

7. All-time green beauty favorites?

Yuli Pure Mask

Yuli Pure Mask is exceptional. It’s just amazing. I love that it is very cooling and soothing but also very purifying which is suitable for my skin when it acts up. It really does everything from clearing pores, zapping acne, lightening complexion to feeding skin. The small size makes it perfect to take on travel, and you only need a little of the powder so it lasts quite long.

8. Your skin is freaking out. What do you do?

The Pure Mask is amazing for any freak out (my review). Other than that I am very good about ‘putting the bottle down and stepping away’. I think doing a lot will make it freak out even more. Maybe I drink more water and sleep.

9. What is something new (product, brand, experience, anything) you want to try soon?

May Lindstrom Aurelia Antipodes

I have been meaning to take the plunge into green perfumery. I keep my eye on some things from Tsi La and Strange Invisibles but I am afraid of being disappointed because the natural perfumes I have tried at Whole Foods have all been disappointing (Vanilla + Alcohol) and do not last long. I really want something that will stay for a few hours so it can be worth the very very high price tag.

This year I am on a mission to try more high end green brands. I currently have 3 of May Lindstrom’s products (Problem solver, Clean Dirty, Honey Mud), just purchased Aurelia Miracle cleanser and De Mamiel cleansing balm. I’m quite enthused by the amount of fantastic green products out there.

10. Something(s) (product, experience, anything) essential to you for every day?

Not related to beauty, but I always speak to my parents on the phone every day usually after dinner even when I have exams and papers. I go over my day and calling after dinner lets me be able to tell them “Yes I ate” which if anyone else has Asian parents, knows is very important to them! I feel like this really helps take my away from my personal stresses at school and gives me perspective.




  1. This was a very lovely read! I feel you about reporting your eating habits to the parents – my mum is always concerned since I was born a very fussy eater but I think having lived away in Japan and now in the US my appetite has definitely grown though she can’t see it. You and Jade are such ambassadors for Yuli! I really enjoy May Lindstrom’s products too – the youth dew is an essential for when it’s time of the month, and the problem solver just makes my skin so revitalized and clean.

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