Sunday Ritual



I woke up this morning in a positive adventurous mood. The Oscars are in town tonight and I have finished schoolwork so that means a fun evening is waiting. After a light breakfast of wheat bread toast with avocado and honey plus a banana, I decided to indulge myself in some beauty.

I began with a dry face then rubbed May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud as a mask to my skin. As the clays, chocolate, and honey went to work on my skin I checked e-mails and flipped through my favorite beauty magazines while drinking my favorite Chrysanthemum tea. It is like a chocolate pudding treat in the morning which is perfect for  Sunday.

After 15 minutes, I rinsed off the Honey Mud then followed with a gentle but thorough cleansing courtesy of my new favorite cleanser from Yuli, Halcyon. With 2 pumps of the gel (shown on the brush head), I gently exfoliated and cleansed my skin at the same time, which allows the gel nutrients to penetrate farther and bring out the bad stuff to the surface. The scent is so refreshing and spa quality that I can’t help but smile and unwind.

Next I applied the Modern Alchemist serum from Yuli, which is really a gem I’ve discovered in green beauty. There are so many wonderful plant oils like argan, rosehip, avocado, baobab, prickly pear, and rose and great ingredients like CoQ10 and omega-lipids. I have not found a serum with better ingredients, period. This is in the stratosphere of premium serums like May Lindstrom Youth Dew and Mun Aknari Night Serum with the attention to detail and the beautiful texture and fragrance (like a honey rose) but is more forgiving at $125 for 30ml (versus $95 for 15ml of Mun and $120 for 20ml of Youth Dew) so it is my secret weapon.

Last step is the Antipodes Rejoice Light Day Cream which is quite medium-thick texture compared to normal moisturizers which is perfect step in the routine to keep my skin moisturized. The vanilla scent seems to blend very well with the other products and I love the ingredients (manuka, avocado, lavender, macadamia, jojoba).

This simple yet very luxurious green beauty ritual beyond indulges my skin and I am sitting here with perfectly soft and plumped skin planning what to wear tonight!


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