Cleanser Battle: Dr Alkaitis Facial Cleanser, Ren Mayblossom Cleansing Gel, Yuli Halcyon Cleanser

Although I try to be green as much as possible, I struggled to find a good natural cleanser that I could use every day. I went through samples and samples, going from balms to oils to powders to creams to gels to find ones that would love my dry-combination skin. A lot of cleansers gave a great first impression like May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud and Pai’s Hydrating Cleanser but after a few continued uses, my skin just never really felt clean, always like I didn’t wash it. Cleansing oils like OLO work for my skin but I feel like they only remove makeup and then wash off, it made me want something more. I think the best type of cleanser for the results is the gel type because it makes my skin feel clean but the trouble is finding one that will not also dry my skin, but if you are interested here are my experiences with three of them.


Dr. Alkaitis Purifying Cleanser

This is an orange castille soap based cleanser (similar to Dr. Bronner’s liquid soaps). The smell is very in your face like very strong Whole Foods soap and the cleansing was slippery but left my skin squeaky clean. I notice it dried my skin especially along my cheeks although there are MANY oils in here. I used it for 5 days and my skin could not handle it. It started flaking and getting dry patches which unfortunately means this is not the cleanser for me unless I buy a very heavy moisturizer. My skin felt tighter and more starving for moisture throughout the day. I would not recommend using this to remove makeup because it will sting your eyes due to the castille soap and the slippery feeling might not get deep enough to remove everything. I was left disappointed by this cleanser besides the dry feeling as it also felt a little rough for a face product especially for the price of $65 for a liquid soap.


Ren Mayblossom T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel

This is for combination skin and I used this after going through several cleansing balms which left my skin clogged and red. It worked pretty well without drying my skin. The gel is really light and turns to almost a water weight. It too was a little stripping when used for a week but I think it is because although this is for combination skin, it might be more suited for people with oily skin. It’s not strong enough to take off make-up but I don’t mind that because I always remove makeup with an actual makeup remover. I love the smell of this and it feels better than Dr. Alkaitis. The only issues besides slight drying (not its fault, my skin isn’t a match for this particular cleanser but there are some that might be more gentle) are some of the ingredients, but I would not mind using something from this brand as a non-green cleanser. At $32, this is a good price although you need a palm sized glob so the size will not last too long (2-3 pumps takes a lot of gel out of the air pack). The Sephora rep said a bottle can last about 2 months.

Yuli Halcyon Cleanser

I purchased the sample size during Black Friday. I’ve been impressed by every Yuli product I have tried so I was very curious to see how Halcyon performed because I LOVE the name! This is also a gel like Ren’s but it is a heavier gel than theirs. It’s a clear color and smells fresh and crisp. It is quite impressive because it doesn’t rely on things green products use to get the texture like Alkaitis’ castille soap base or May’s honey + clay which after using both I do not think is really good for daily cleansing.. this one is a fluid gel that works as well as normal cleansers which we know use chemicals to get the texture and foam, so I was very impressed. It is gentle and light but left my skin feeling very clean and balanced, no dryness which is impressive because of the three cleansers, I used this one during the coldest and driest weather. After 1 week, I saw my skin improving in feel and quality. I like everything from the smell to the feel on my skin and to the results so this ended up being my pick and I purchased a full bottle. At $52, I would say the per use cost is more economic than the other two and the ingredients you get are far better quality.


3 thoughts on “Cleanser Battle: Dr Alkaitis Facial Cleanser, Ren Mayblossom Cleansing Gel, Yuli Halcyon Cleanser

  1. I love the Halcyon cleanser by Yuli. It is the best cleanser I have ever used. I have oily skin and this leaves my skin feeling clean and balanced. I swear it takes away any redness or irritation I might have. It actually makes my skin look better and I don’t want to wash it off every time I use it.

  2. I’m really intrigued by Halcyon now! I was kind of skeptical about the price but the reviews I’m seeing are nearly unanimously positive. I’ll have to look into it when I buy my full-sized Panacea.

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