Dr.Hauschka Fresh Deodorant

drhauschka fresh

It is hard to find a good deodorant! Even before I went with green beauty, I remember I was afraid of aluminum in my Secret deodorant. I used designer deodorant since then which did not have aluminum (no anti-antiperspirant) but I know it still is not the best for me (fake fragrance, triclosan)

I recently tried Dr.Hauschka’s beautiful glass bottle deodorant in the Fresh scent. It cost $22.95 from Dr.Hauschka and has two scents floral and fresh. The deodorant is a cream lotion that is applied by a clear roller ball to the underarms. It will feel a little cooling at first but when the lotion sinks in, everything feels clean and dry.

It is not anti-antiperspirant so your underarms will not stay dry but let it dry after you apply, it will help a little with dryness and keeps the skin smooth and soft.

Fresh is a good smell for men and women, not too strong but not distinct either. Sometimes it can smell a little strange like cooking flour and sage. It will last all day unless you sweat from a run or the gym, so you may need to reapply.

The cost is a little high for this but I think you are paying for the name brand, glass bottle, and luxurious lotion. It will last maybe 2 months if you like to use it everyday. This deodorant is a good luxury choice for green beauties. I am also looking forward to trying Weleda after finishing this.


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