La Bella Figura Beauty Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum



I’m back! Finals seems to take more out of me each time I go through it. I literally slept from 5 PM last night to 10 AM this morning, yeah you read that right. As I was pulling all-nighters trying to pull out the last juices of creativity for papers or forcing my brain to retain random formulas for exams, I realized all that unrest was beginning to show, especially around my eyes. I decided to pull out my sample of La Bella Figura’s Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum after hearing so much wonderful buzz about it. 

The product is an oil and the key ingredient is Barbary Fig Seed Oil. Barbary Fig Seed Oil is La Bella Figura’s claim to fame as it is an ingredient that they introduced to the skincare market. It is high in Vitamin E, Linoleic Acid, and retinols that turn away puffiness and dark circles. Other ingredients that I thought were fascinating were Tomato Seed and Green Coffee Bean which just sound like they’re going to be great at what repair the undereye area. At a whooping $115 for just 0.33oz, I really wanted to be sure this did everything the reviews said before I committed to it. 

You don’t need a lot of the oil, one swipe is enough per eye. The oil is a good consistency to feel weighty without being too heavy. It’s great for night where they recommend leaving it on without rubbing in, but I think I’d be a little impatient in the morning waiting for this to absorb before continuing on. 

After a solid 2 weeks of using this, I’ve gathered some observations. My eyes might not be ‘right’ for eye oils because this kept going into my eye and causing a slight burning sensation which sometimes made me get up at night to wash it out. As much as I love facial oils, I think maybe an eye oil is where I will have to draw the line. After consulting with my dermatologist, after I freaked out over my eyes burning and being red the next day (when I over applied a little one night) it seems some of the oils do have the potential to cause irritation to skin such as blue tansy and palmarosa, so I’m not entirely sure why these are in a product that is applied so close to the eye. Because of these irritation reasons, I have been unable to continuously use the product for the full 2 weeks. 

Would I recommend this? To be honest, although it felt moisturizing and did seem to brighten the under eye area, I don’t really think the results are going to be any better than a high quality facial oil which costs about three times less. I used a drop of the the Ila Facial Oil that I ordered from Spirit under one eye and applied the Decourverte serum under the other and after two days had similar results: moisturized, un-tired eyes. So with the money, I’d rather invest in a really fancy facial oil and then apply them carefully under the eyes. I do think Barbary Fig Seed is a great ingredient, but there are other facial oils that contain it. Unfortunately it seems, I’m not in agreement with the other reviews out there, does anyone else have suggestions for applying this or their own experiences with eye oils?


17 thoughts on “La Bella Figura Beauty Decouverte Under Eye Repair Serum

  1. Oh hunny, you’re not the only one! I also gave this a try and went through that “I’m going to go blind from this” phase. I think your eye will adjust to it after some rather uncomfortable time but I agree with you, I’ve been applying my RMS Beauty Oil under my eyes, and I think I rather prefer the results it gives!

  2. Hi I haven’t used this product but I just wanted to correct you a little – La Bella Figura didn’t ‘introduce’ Barbary Fig Seed’ to the skincare market. This has been around for ages and if we’re talking about using it in a skincare line, Sunday Riley has used this as “Prickly Pear” in her line which existed way before La Bella Figura. I don’t mean to seem like a bitch but honestly the fact that La Bella Figura keeps going on about this unsubstantiated claim shows me how ghetto they truly are and makes me not want to use their products. Also, who ever cares if they brought it first, their products as your review shows still suck because the two ladies behind it don’t have any formal skincare knowledge. So yeah. ugh. they’re annoying.

    • Hi Leah! Thanks for the correction, I just quoted what I had read from the ladies at La Bella Figura themselves. It’s interesting that there are so many names for Barbary Fig Seed, and after looking at it a little more, I do see other companies use it including Sunday Riley.

    • Leah I totally agree with you, Lbf have made out on seed to serum blog they were the first to introduce this precious oil to the beauty market. The Europeans namely the French brands have been using it in Skincare for years! My uk Skincare range contains this oil amongst date and tomato seed oil. I do think Lbf are too overpriced. I replied to the seed to serum blog anout my line and then lbf do saying they were the first and they did all the hard work in researching. I have studied holistic cosmetology and single handedley produced my line from scratch please check out for the complete review. Oh can i add most essential oils are a no mo gor the eye area fur yo the risk of hetting in to the eyes. i add rose otto yo my serum! thanks for reading ladies.

    • Hi Rebecca, Sunday Riley uses Barbary Fig Seed (listed as Prickly Pear) in most of their skincare products, but not in their facial oil. MUN uses Barbary Fig Seed as one of three oils in their signature facial oil. YULI uses it (listed as Indian Fig) in ME Skin Fuel and Modern Alchemist. I’m not sure if any of these brands ‘used’ the ingredient before La Bella Figura since they don’t really make it a focal point but as Leah said above, it doesn’t matter who is first, it matters what the overall product is.

  3. Oh you’re not alone, oils are good but to get them so close to the eye just isn’t a good idea. I don’t know too much about La Bella Figura, but they don’t sound like the smartest brand.

  4. The main problem I have with LBF is that one minute they’re pulling a May Lindstrom “crafting potions in our studio”, the next they’re pulling a Yuli “when modern technology collides with nature” when they are neither. They’ve also done this to Stark and Kahina as well. It seems they don’t have their own image so they just see what works with everyone elses and that is what annoys me.

  5. I’ve always been curious about their under eye repair serum… but it’s good to know that I don’t need to spend any extra money on this one! I think I’m going to go for the Intelligent Nutrients plant stem cell eye gel next…I love their stuff!

  6. I am so glad I found this post. I have been reading all about LBF on a lot of sites, and not one negative review. Their prices are outrageous. They sell facial oils, and facial oils are a nice thing to use on the skin, but they are not worth the price-tag they are selling them for. As someone else stated earlier, they don’t have any formal education. They are fooling a lot of bloggers out there.

    Sorry if I seem a little bit bitter. After my experience with Stark Skincare I’ve learned my lesson. Stark markets their skincare towards Acne sufferers. I normally only get a few blemishes, but after using their skincare I broke out in the worst case of acne imaginable and had to go to my doctor for help. As a result I did some research on the owner of Stark, and she too has no formal training in skincare…they closest she’s come was from working in a health food store. I now research everything. I’ve paid dearly..

    • Yes I noticed that too for Le Bella, every post is gushing about them but I notice all the reviewers are given full size products to sample for writing these reviews so eventhough the reviewer might not be ‘paid’ to write a good review there is kind of dont bite the hand that feeds you approach so when you kept getting fed products your not going to bite them are you?

  7. Great point Reema, I include Prickly Pear seed, Tomato seed oils however I do not charge ridiculous prices like them, there is no need for it.

  8. Too bad your experience sucked! I was dumb the other night and used pure tamanu oil to remove my makeup … got it in my eyes and WOW did it burn.

    I’ve never had that experience with my LBF eye serum, and I will say that I was very skeptical of an eye serum. I only use it at night and quite honestly I use it for those weeks when I feel like I need an extra oomph because of stress or lack of sleep.

    I think you’re right in that you can just use a good facial oil and pat it onto your eye area; there is a convenience factor to this rollerball. Of the entire line (of which I’ve tried A LOT of and yes, I’ve received free samples), the ones that stand out the most to me are the barbary fig renewal serum and this eye serum. I also like the daily elements defense, but it’s probably not absolutely necessary.

    Anyway, to each her own, and it’s important for bloggers to maintain their integrity — we’re here to serve a purpose: provide honest reviews and answer the question “should you spend your money on this?”

  9. I agree! Face Serums are so important to use! I’ve noticed a somewhat dramatic change in the fine lines around my eyes since I started using the Lady Soma Renewal Serum (no, I don’t use a separate eye cream). They are smoother and much less noticeable. The few age spots I’ve developed seem to be lighter. Overall, looking at my face in the mirror now, I sometimes have to do a double-take because my skin looks so much better and brighter.

  10. Love this post, I was about to splurge on La Bella Figura eye serum after reading all the positive reviews but I almost felt the reviews were too good to be true! I am wondering if you could recommend a similar (yet obviously better) serum for under eye bags, I’ve been looking for a quality eye serum that has a roller applicator. I would really appreciate any recommendations or advice, thanks! Love reading Cocobeaute, great honest reviewing and writing!

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