What I’ve been reading…



From Asti Skjonnhet, a beautiful interview of Rossana, founder of the I Am Natural Store, with tons of beauty tips and pretty pictures (like the one above)! Must read



Ultraviolet Voodoo’s wonderful write up of the Dr.Alkaitis Trial Kit which includes their cleanser, oil, and soothing gel. It includes more than just simple feedback but also recommendations from the brand themselves. What are you waiting for? Go now!



In the Curious City’s post on the Paraben-Free Face is a wonderful first person account of switching to clean skincare. Although the post isn’t recent, I just found this and I love the two ladies who run this blog! This post is also good for those of you who might not be shopping at Spirit Beauty as most of the things covered are available at Whole Foods. Another must read.

What are your must reads from this week?



6 thoughts on “What I’ve been reading…

  1. Thank you for including me! (I am a fan of reading yours haha!) I never thought of doing this kind of post. Do you mind if I do this once a while in my blog too? 🙂

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