May Lindstrom – The Clean Dirt Review


I haven’t touched this blog in a while! I have been in exclusion mode from papers and finals, and have not made many new discoveries. I did purchase a bottle of May Lindstrom’s The Clean Dirt after reading rave reviews from No More Dirty Looks and Spirit Beauty Lounge. May Lindstrom’s line is really sensual and artisanal, I count her Youth Dew facial oil as one of my favorites so I was so excited to receive this in the mail from Spirit Beauty.

The Clean Dirt is a powder-to-paste cleanser that uses clays, warming spices, and healing salts to cleanse the skin and act as a natural microdermabrasion. It is called a stimulating exfoliant that you can use daily to get skin soft and glowing.

I’m most impressed by two things: the foaming mousse action which helps the product apply onto skin and the delicious cookie scent. The overall feel of the product is truly luxurious and great for waking up skin. I know that some discussion was had regarding the pricing and the ingredients but I appreciate the large bottle size and the fact that this is made really well! The product feels warming and stimulating the moment it goes onto skin, thanks to warming spices like cinnamon, ginger, turmeric. I didn’t get any irritation from the spices so I was really happy! Post-wash off, skin truly does feel refreshed and glowing. I love incorporating this into my routine especially if I feel like I’m getting stressed (since that causes imbalances in hormonal and sebum production which leads to acne).

The slight drawbacks are that I would not say this is a daily cleanser, maybe a twice a week cleanser because it is too abrasive when used regularly for my skin. I think if your skin is very active with acne, you should probably upgrade to the Problem Solver which is much more of a treatment mask since this product might irritate skin that is already damaged. Another recommendation that comes from experience is using a dark towel to wipe your face because this does leave a yellow stain that I have not been able to fully wash off my white towel yet. I’m also not sure if this is technically a cleanser since it is more similar to masks, but I can understand why she is differentiating it since she also has a Problem Solver mask.

Has anyone else tried The Clean Dirt?


3 thoughts on “May Lindstrom – The Clean Dirt Review

  1. Completely agree with your comments about the price! I am still on my first bottle that I purchased in early December. So you get a lot for your money.

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