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Recently shopped at Sephora VIB sale & picked up Ren 6 of the Best Set! I love REN, it is uncomplicated, relatively clean, and gentle. Some people say their products are hit/miss but I find their stuff really agrees with me. This kit is the perfect opportunity for many to try the wonderful assortment they offer! 

Here is what is in the kit:

This set contains:
– 0.845 oz Mayblossom and Blue Cypress Balancing Facial Cleansing Gel
– 0.845 oz Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Scrub
– 0.34 oz Omega 3 Overnight Lipid Renewal Serum
– 0.5 oz Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask
– 0.5 oz Frankincense and Boswellia Serrata Revitalising Repair Cream
– 0.1 oz Active 7 Radiant Eye Maintenance Serum

It is quite wonderfully selected and should cover everything except a daytime sun protectant lotion. I am quite sure they have a good kit on their hands and have a good value because you can really try everything in their line up, cleansers, scrubs, masks, eye gel, night time lotion, even a facial oil!

Mayblossom and Blue Cypress Balancing Facial Cleansing Gel: Is the perfect cleanser for combination skin type. It helps T-zones stay free from shine and breakouts without drying other parts of the face. I did not think I would like this gel cleanser but I really love it. It is so gentle but removes impurities and leaves my skin feeling balanced, not too tight and not oily.

Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Scrub: A very wonderful exfoliating cleanser that I love using 2x a week. It is so gentle and creamy that the driest skin types can use this. Again, does not leave skin feeling dry, just fresh and clean. Really helps to get rid of dead skin buildup. Highly recommended polish!

Omega 3 Overnight Lipid Renewal Serum: A light facial oil which moisturizes and uses omegas to protect facial skin. I did not like this as much as the other products because there are better, purer facial oils out there (see Best Facial Oils). The fragrance in here is very mellow, kind of like a peach-orange. It is the most nourishing product in the kit but is pretty simple by pure facial oil standards. 

Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask: Have wanted to dry this for a while! A clumpy, lumpy orange colored (and orange scented) mask that goes on very sticky like fruit jam! Undecided about the mask right now, do not know if the results (skin feels lighter and refreshed) make up for weird texture! Have seen a lot of good reviews and have seen not good reviews. Very exfoliating due to the glycose + lactic acid action but not for everyone, especially if your skin is sensitive. 

Frankincense and Boswellia Serrata Revitalising Repair Cream: A very light cream in a green-yellowish color that smells very herbal! It absorbs fast to supercharge skin overnight. Do not know if it truly is due to this cream but I notice my skin looks brighter and happier when I put this on the night before. Did not break out. Might repurchase full size of this if that is the case.

Active 7 Radiant Eye Maintenance Serum: A very cool eye gel that depuffs and neutralizes dark circles. Texture kind of reminds me of the cleanser. Sometimes takes a while to absorb but I notice that this does make my undereye seem more alert and awake. For better results, keep cool in refrigerator before use and your eyes will really depuff!

6 of the Best Kit is a wonderful value at $40 from Sephora.



3 thoughts on “Ren 6 of the Best

  1. im a fan of ren. i have three of their serums/oils and also the Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask. i LOVE that mask. the texture doesnt bother me … i actually love the thick, sort of goopy feeling. the after effects are amazing for my combo/oily skin … i get that glow. this little set looks like a great package! must head over to now to check it out 🙂

    • How long can you use the full size mask for? I think maybe I’m not using the right amount of this mask because sometimes it seems to spread too thin but I feel if I were to apply to generously I would only get a few uses out of it

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